FAQ – LintBye



Does the sofa cover work on my sofa?

The answer is probably yes. The sofa cover works with almost any type and shape of sofa. Be it Loveseats, Sectionals, L-Shaped Sofas, Single Sofa Chairs, and any other sofa types that have a rectangular shape and a deep gap to secure foam sticks.

However If you have a curved sofa, or any other kind of sofa and you are not sure if the cover will fit, please make sure to contact us beforehand to ensure that the cover actually works with your specific furniture. (Simply send us an email to support@lintbye.com)

Is the sofa cover machine washable?

Yes! The sofa cover is easily washable. Simply remove it from the sofa, chuck it in the washing machine and voila!

Is the sofa cover durable and does it protect my sofa?

The sofa cover is super durable and will protect your sofa from wear and tear! It's the perfect sofa protector for pets like cats & dogs. It is also spill and stain resitant to ensure that your sofa is 100% safe!

What Materials is the sofa sover made of?

The Sofa Cover is made from a mixture of Polyester and Spandex to keep it stretchy, but at the same time strong and durable.